Tomorrow is our Dance-a-thon!!

There will be an opportunity for kids to purchase treats while dancing.

Slap Bracelets $1

Bouncy Balls $1

Halloween Rings $1

Already made up bags $5

Chips $1

Mini chocolate bars 3/$1

Ring pops $1

Sour keys 2/$1


Donations are still being accepted!! please send in cash donations tomorrow or cash online is still available



Hey Kids and Parents – Only two more sleeps until our Spooktacular Halloween Dance-a-thon!  Please keep your fundraising efforts going!  Remember…only appropriate (non-gory) costumes are allowed!  Parents are welcome to ‘pop in’ but are reminded the Dance-a-thon is not an open house event.

Spirit Wear

Hey Bulldogs…

A final reminder that our online Spirit Wear Store closes this Sunday night.  So, if you were

planning on ordering some St. Kateri gear, place your order asap right here:



We are a week away from our Major school fundraiser! Our goal is $20 per child!
You can hand in cash donations or use cash on line.
The dance-a-thon is on Halloween! Please wear your costumes!
Thanks for supporting your child’s school!


We are excited to see the students of St. Kateri dancing in their costumes very soon! A reminder that the top seller in the whole school wins a chrome book!! The kids are excited to see if they reach their whole school goals… Just $20 per student will get us to our goal!

At $3000: Wacky Hair/Spirit Day

At $6000: Extra Recess

At $9000:  Afternoon of Board Games

At $10 000:  is a surprise!!


Keep fundraising Bulldogs!

‘Drive to Five’ Drop off and Pick up Procedures for St. Kateri CES

If you drive your children to school and haven’t tried our ‘Drive to Five’ initiative, please consider doing so in the coming days!

A reminder of our school drop off and pick up procedures that are in place to keep your children safe.

We encourage students in Gr. 4 – 8 who live within 1.6 km of the school (0.8 km for JK – Gr. 3 students) to walk to school.  Those who live further than 1.6 km (0.8 km JK – Gr. 3) are eligible for bussing.

Drop Off (8:10-8:25 a.m.)

Parents who choose to drive their children to school are asked to either:

  1. “Drive to Five” (BEST OPTION –  The ‘Five’ refers to a five minute walk).  Drop your child off a block or two away from the school (5 min. walk).  You will avoid navigating and contributing to the congestion in front of the school (bus loading zone) and the walk will do your child good – they will be that much more alert to begin their day!  Black Walnut Drive (beside Carlyle Park), Perin Place, Vintage Cres or Nathaniel Cres are all good options. 
  2. Use the school’s driveway (SECOND BEST OPTION) – Pull into the school driveway and drop your children off in front of the school in front of or behind the school bus zone.  In order to keep traffic moving and keep the bus zone free from traffic, parents who choose to pull into the school driveway may not get out of their vehicles and children may only exit the vehicle from the passenger side.   Please do not stop or park  in the through lanes, which are also clearly marked as a Fire Route.  St. Kateri parents are also not eligible to park in the daycare parking lot or school parking lot.

Pick Up (2:30-2:55)

Parents choosing to pick up children at the end of the school day cannot do so using our school driveway as it needs to remain free of traffic for our six school busses.   The lane on the right is reserved for buses and the two through lanes are part of our Fire Route and are therefore a no stopping/no parking zone.  Parents are also not able to use the Daycare parking lot, which is reserved parking.  At the end of the school day, parents are required to park on a side street and have their children cross safely at the cross walk in front of the school.

The City of Kitchener works closely with all schools to ensure the streets around them are safe for students, parents and others in the community.  Please keep these City of Kitchener bylaws in mind if you choose to drive your children to school.

Parking is not permitted:

  • Within 1.5 metres of a driveway
  • Within 3 metres of a fire hydrant
  • Within 9 metres of an intersection
  • In a bike lane
  • In a school bus loading zone

Note: Please also be aware of all the no parking/no stopping areas around our school.

Each year, the city receives complaints about drivers in school zones. Here are some of the practices to avoid:

  • Stopping or Parking in a restricted zone
  • Blocking a driveway when you park your car
  • Travelling too quickly
  • Making U-turns
  • Parking in a driveway without the homeowner’s permission

Please be respectful of residents who live on streets around our school.

By-law Enforcement staff regularly patrol school areas to help keep everyone safe by watching for infractions.

By working together, we can ensure St. Kateri continues to be a safe, nurturing, and engaging school where your children will meet with success.  Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and support.

Please feel free to contact us at the school should you have any questions or concerns.


We hope the fundraising is going well for our Dance-a-thon! You can donate using cash online, the link should have been sent to your email address. A donation of $20 per student will get us to reach our goal!!!

Reminder that your child can wear their Halloween costume on October 31st.

The student who raises the most will win a Chromebook!

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Labour Updates

As a result of the agreement between the Government of Ontario, The Trustees’ Associations and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, all schools will be open on Monday October 7th 2019 and all programs and services will continue running on their regular schedules.

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