Dear Parents,

An announcement was made at the end of the day today reminding students of our recess rules that are in place to keep your children safe.  We have also made the decision to temporarily not allow soccer balls at recess due to students not adhering to safety protocols.  Please consider taking a few minutes tonight to discuss the following reminders with your children:

  • Students must stay within the boundaries of their designated yard/field – this is to ensure students are socializing with children their own age and to keep cohorts of students together to the extent possible
  • Students – especially students in Gr. 5-8– must stay in bounds on their designated fields.  Some students have been socializing just out of bounds, inside the tree-line on the Gr. 5-8 field.  We need to make sure staff members on supervision can see the students in their area of responsibility at all times.
  • Students must stay at least 1m apart.  With the rise in COVID-19 cases in our region, we want to make sure students are abiding by Public Health’s guidelines both in class and at recess.  Supervisors continue providing students with physical distancing reminders throughout the day; however, some students are ignoring these reminders at recess.
  • Soccer balls have been temporarily banned from St. Kateri.  Even after daily reminders of our soccer protocols at recess (e.g., no games, only the owner of the ball can touch it with their hands), students are not following the rules.  We will consider reinstating soccer next week with the hope students will do a much better job adhering to our board’s protocols when it comes to soccer at recess.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the school and ask to speak to Mr. Lynch.


Thank you.