Bulldog Bulletin – Week of February 8, 2021


Welcome Back Bulldogs!

Thank you to all of our awesome students, parents and staff members for your outstanding efforts these past number of weeks!  We are REALLY looking forward to seeing all of you back at school again on Monday!

However, as we all know, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, and we need to do everything we can to stay safe and healthy.  Therefore, we would like to let you know our enhanced safety protocols that will be in place when we all return to face to face learning.


Parent Responsibilities:

  • Complete the MANDATORY School Screening Self-Assessment for your child each day before they come to school.  When you take this assessment, as you know, you will either receive a green check mark, a circle with a line, or a red X.  If you do not receive a green check mark, please do not send your child to school.  Contact the main office and follow the next steps provided by the assessment tool.  The tool is found here:


  • Keep the main office informed if your child, or anyone in your household, is waiting for their COVID-19 test results.
  • Continue to follow Public Health protocols – only go out for essentials; do not gather in groups; wear masks when physical distancing cannot be maintained; if you have travelled outside of the country, quarantine for 14 days.  These are just a few of the actions that have been bringing the numbers in this region down – please continue to do your part.
  • IF possible, send TWO (minimum) or THREE (preferable) masks each day with your child.  One mask is for indoor use, one for outdoor (recess) and one is a backup – in case a mask gets wet, falls on the ground, etc.
  • It’s going to be cold next week – please be sure to send your children with warm clothing.


School Responsibilities:

  • Provide all classes with a presentation Monday morning – reminding students of safety measures we have in place at school and rules they need to follow
  • NEW – all students will wear masks both when they are indoors and when they are outside at recess.
  • Students will continue to wash their hands/sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day
  • Physical Distancing protocols will continue to be enforced through reminders and modeling – in hallways, classrooms and on the schoolyard
  • Bus Students must only sit in their assigned seat and must keep their masks on while on the bus.  Bus drivers will continue to report any issues to the school.
  • The school will continue to monitor students for symptoms – if there are any present, the school will conduct the ‘School Screening Self-Assessment’ tool with them and follow the direction provided
  • All staff members will need to complete a self-assessment prior to entering the building each day
  • We will follow all Public Health guidelines and advice should they contact us regarding a positive case or any high risk contacts with the school
  • Update our procedures as Public Health guidelines change


Chromebooks Loaned to Students During School Closure

Students and Parents – if you borrowed a Chromebook to use for online learning during our school closure, please return it to the school on Monday. Students and/or staff will sanitize the devices before they are back in use.


Big Red WCDSB Pencil Case

Students and Parents – please don’t forget to bring the big red pencil case that went home before Christmas Break, and all of its contents, on Monday too!  The pencil case was outfitted with learning materials students require at school.


Transition Dates – Changing Learning Modalities

Parents – the final opportunity to change your child’s learning modality – from St. Kateri to St. Isidore (virtual school) or vise versa takes place by completing a survey that is open Feb. 16-18.

The survey will be found on our school board’s website and will only be completed by parents wishing for this type of change.  The actual date students will transition – to St. Kateri from St. Isidore OR from St. Isidore to St. Kateri – is March 8th.


Waterloo Region’s Winter Walk to School Day – Wednesday, February 10th

We’re back at school!  If you already walk to school every day – great!  If you normally get a drive or take the bus and are able to walk to school – please consider taking part in the Region of Waterloo’s Walk to School Day!


Term 1 Report Cards – Distribution Date: Friday, February 19th

Parents – Term 1 Report Cards will either be sent home with students (if we are all back at school) or mailed home (if we are still learning remotely) on Friday, February 19th.


Looking Ahead…


February 10 – Winter Walk to School Day – Family Walk Day

February 15 – Family Day (schools are closed)

February 17 – Ash Wednesday

February 18 – Term 1 Report Cards Go Home

March 15-19 – March Break

April 2 – Good Friday (schools are closed)

April 4 – Happy Easter!

April 5 – Easter Monday (schools are closed)

May 24 – Victoria Day (schools are closed)

May 25 – Virtual Welcome to Kindergarten Night

June 4 – PA Day (no school for students)

June 28 – Term 2 Report Cards Go Home

June 29 – Last Day of the 2020-2021 School Year