Bulldog Bulletin – Week of October 5, 2020

First Communion and Confirmation

Congratulations to our students who celebrated the sacrament of First Holy Communion and those who celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation this past weekend at St. Aloysius Parish!  May God bless you and guide you as you continue your faith journey.  Both sacraments were scheduled to take place in the spring but were postponed due to safety precautions.  Thank you to our pastor, Fr. Melvin, for your faith leadership in our school community.

Physical Distancing Reminders at Recess

Staff continue to remind students to stay physically distanced at recess when talking to friends, since most students choose to remove their masks at this time.  We are asking parents to reinforce the same message when speaking to children at home so we can maintain a learning environment that is safe and respectful.

Parents should know we also provide students with daily reminders regarding use of basketballs (one per student at designated hoops) and soccer balls (games not permitted at this time and only the owner of the ball can use her/his hands).

PA Day and Thanksgiving Weekend

We would like to wish everyone in our school community a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.  A reminder that schools are closed, Monday, October 12th to celebrate Thanksgiving and schools is closed for students this Friday, October 9th, which is a PA Day for staff.

Drop off & Pick Up Procedures

Thank you to our parents who have been doing a great job keeping children/students safe when dropping off or picking up their children.  Parents of older children, we encourage you to follow our ‘Drive to Five’ (drop off a block to two away from the school) initiative to avoid contributing to the congestion in our drop off zone.  Parents choosing to drive their children home at the end of the day, thank you for parking on one of our side streets and walking your children safely to your vehicle.

New Math Curriculum

Parents, you have probably heard by now the Ministry of Education has released a new Math Curriculum.  Teachers are receiving professional development on how to transition to the new curriculum effectively.   Please check out the parent resources on the Ministry’s website: https://www.ontario.ca/page/new-math-curriculum-grades-1-8