The Last Day for Our Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser is Tomorrow!! 

Tomorrow is the last day to order, but don’t worry, ordering online is so easy! Please go to . Your pizza kits will be delivered to the school on March 5th.  If you filled out the paper order, please make sure that your child brought it into school.


Our goal is 5 kits per family! These kits are so good!!

Thank you for supporting your child’s school!

Here are the instructions to order online;

Online Orders:

  2. Choose “shop” from the “Products” drop down menu
  3. Select “Purchase and Support a local fundraiser”
  4. Enter school ID 380411
  5. Confirm St. Kateri
  6. Select from the pizza kits and dessert options, add items to cart, and checkout!
  7. Important: On the payment page, the student’s name, first and last, must go into the seller’s name field.


We thank you for your support and participation!!