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School Council Minutes

St. Kateri Catholic School Council(CSC)

September 19th Meeting Minutes

Attendance:   Crystal Burkart, Monica Carlin, Theresa Combe, Tracy Datz, Valentin Domilescu, Alaine Goodacre, Jackie Grebinski, Alana Jackson, Justina Mendoza, Jason Miller, Shannon O’Connor, Lana Ottier, Ana Maria Ruiz, Emma Metcalfe, Aaron Weinstein, Paula Pizarro, Richard Setler, David Lynch, Beth Robertson, Stephanie Norris, Stephanie Attard

Regrets: Julianne Myska, Sharon Nunes, Kristin Toushan-Blinkhorn, Sarah Lynn Peplow

Meeting called to Order

Opening Prayer– Dave

Introductions of School Council Members in Attendance

Discussion about Role of Council

  • Dave outlined Role of Council, Purpose, etc.

 Nominations for the Election of Catholic School Council Officers

  • Co-Chair Nominations: Lana and Anna
  • Secretary: Monica
  • Treasurer: Shannon
  • Community Rep: Emma Metcalfe (YMCA)

 School Budget

Dave reviewed the school budget and where this money is being spent, what each category represented and provided transparency to all.

School Fundraiser

Dave outlined policy on fundraisers: 1 major and 1 minor (for a specific goal) allowed each year. In the past, school has undertaken dance-a-thons (last 2 years), usually in the winter. Decided to explore options for fundraiser after concerns raised about cost of DJ, novelty wearing off dance-a-thon. Decision was made to establish a School Fundraiser Sub-Committee. Members are: Aaron, Shannon, Monica, Crystal, Lana, Valentin, Alaine.

Student Learning

Dave led discussion about student needs driving teachers’ and principal’s learning here at the school. This year, our focus will be on math once again. Junior math scores are low, but mirror the province and the rest of the school board. Initiatives that are going to be undertaken to

Monthly Newsletter Forum: CSC can have a forum in the monthly school newsletter if wanted. This is sent out at the beginning of each month. Please submit item(s) to Dave the week before the new month begins.

Family Math Night: TBD

Before School Yard Policy and Drop Off/Pick Up: Dave and Rich are visible in the morning and afternoon in front of school. Parents are to drop off students at school boundary, but not to stay with kids. Policy being outlined in a letter going home to parents. Complies with Ontario Safe Schools Act. Parents can take the opportunity to drop their students off on Carlyle Drive.

All CSC minutes to be posted on the school website to make sure that all parents at the school are informed and the Council’s actions are transparent.

Brainstorming Session (on meeting agenda) has been moved to next meeting’s agenda on October 3rd.

Meeting Adjourned