As you may know, transportation for all schools in the Region is planned and carried out by Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region,  Bell times (start and end times for schools) have been synchronized to ensure we maximize the efficiency of school buses.

For September 2021, the public board is modifying the length of the school day at one of their high schools.  This change will impact the existing transportation network at three of our schools and at a number of public board schools.  The impact on each Catholic school will be a 10 minute shift in bell times.

St. Kateri’s current start time is 8:25am and end time is 2:55pm.

The proposed new times for September 2021 are a start of 8:35am and an end of 3:05pm.

We are not required to make this change.  The alternative is the public board will have to add on and pay for a number of additional buses to ensure their students get to school on time.

There is both a financial and environmental cost to not changing bell times which is why we are considering this request.

We are fully aware that this change may not work with family work schedules, child care pick up and drop off times, or for those friends and family members who help support your family’s daily routines.  Accordingly, through this survey, we are asking for your feedback on this change.

Please note that no decisions have been made and your feedback will support discussions at our senior administrative table.


Shesh Maharaj

Executive Superintendent of Corporate Services

Waterloo Catholic District School Board